This isn’t just a free PFP. This is a meta-pass into the Destoria ecosystem!
  • Free mint for 3D project.
  • Loot box air drops for free mint.
  • Anyone who mints a B.O.P. gets a chance at finding another one of Sebby’s keys.
  • Holders can enter in 3D character giveaways.
  • Animal and a character holder receives free plot in special metaverse section.
  • Animals get their own p2e mini game in a special metaverse as well.
  • Animal and character holder gets presale stori token.
  • Staking multiplier.
  • Merch drop.
  • MMORPG loot box airdropped With B.O.P. summoning capability.
  • Animal has B.O.P. storage capabilities within the metaverse.
  • Battle royale skins airdrop.